Warfighter Support

Victory Solutions develops innovative hardware solutions for military customers, pushing the envelope to deliver protection and firepower to the warfighter.  Our projects with military research and development centers span the spectrum of combat operations, with troop safety at the center of our work.  Our prototype technologies have been put under fire at test ranges around the country to guide the design process and bring us closer to fielding products that will bring our soldiers home. 

Victory Solutions develops unique hardware solutions designed to increase troop safety

Hardware development to support the Warfighter in both defense and fire superiority begins with accurate requirements definition and initial design.  Our past and current work with military research and development centers proves that Victory Solutions employs small-business flexibility and unique knowledge of the problem space to deliver a solution that bolsters our military capability without breaking the bank.  For example, Victory Solutions’ protection system for troop vehicles utilizes the inherent strength and low weight of composite materials in a flexible design to defeat incoming rocket threats. 

Our hardware development programs are strengthened by our utilization of cutting-edge simulation software.  Victory Solutions' advanced finite element analysis and hydrocode analysis capabilities support lethality and survivability studies for the military, providing insight into intensely dynamic scenarios without wasting precious test resources or endangering personnel in the process.

Victory Solutions supports the Warfighter beyond our hardware development programs by providing expert radar and high-speed video operation and analysis for weapon and countermeasure systems that span the full spectrum of joint forces.  Our advanced sensors work at government test ranges has aided the development of guided and unguided munitions, as well as countermeasures to protect the Warfighter returning from a mission.

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