Composite Materials

Victory Solutions has the internal capability to design and analyze advanced composite material structures.  Examples of ongoing technology advancement activities include the development of ultra-lightweight core composite material systems, and an all composite partially-recoverable two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle architecture.

In action: Victory Solutions' internal software has applications to composite material development for aerospace, automotive, and sporting/entertainment industries.  In particular, we are performing internal research and development for low-weight shock-mitigating composite structures for use in composite motor cases. Additionally, we perform design and analysis for combined complex geometry and material behavior phenomena of significant value to the aerospace and defense industries.

Orbital debris Mitigation

Victory Solutions uses our own internally-developed Defense Net (D-Net) technology in other applications including the development of innovative, lightweight, and low-cost nano-satellite orbital debris capture and passive de-orbiting technology.  We also have the internal capability to design and analyze hypervelocity/orbital debris protection systems.

Threat Mitigation Hardware

In current operating environments for the US military, warfighter safety in troop vehicles is paramount.  VSI develops countermeasure systems to protect those that must venture into harm’s way, using novel lightweight materials and robust simulation techniques to design hardware that will mitigate the threat.  VSI research and development efforts in threat mitigation have led us to live-fire test ranges to prove that our systems can save lives and reduce the logistical burden of existing countermeasures.

In action: Victory Solutions developed Defense Net (D-Net) as a needed technology improvement over existing military ground vehicle survivability systems.  D-Net is an order of magnitude lighter, transportable, easily replaceable, reusable, and more effective than existing systems. When the incoming high velocity threat hits the D-Net, there are only two possible outcomes: it either forces detonation away from the vehicle or effectively “duds” the threat.  The result is increased safety for the warfighter. 

Proprietary Software Development

Our ability to create custom code translates our engineering knowledge into robust programs that save time and give the customer a better picture of the problem and potential solutions.  In addition to increasing productivity with in-house programming, Victory Solutions pioneers analysis techniques that pair state-of-the-art sensors with finite element codes and mathematical modeling.

In action: Victory Solutions is developing an internal analysis capability in response to a Department of Defense requirement for increased survivability of composite motor cases against field-related impacts and damage.  Our analysis approach is to create closed form and numerical code to optimize the configuration of the composite structure to minimize shock transmissibility using a variety of materials and configurations. 

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