Victory Solutions offers a broad range of engineering services for defense, civil and commercial customers.

We serve a broad spectrum of the civil and military aerospace industry and apply our expertise where possible across customers. For example, we have been in the process of converting a 38,000 document library into an online repository to better support cost estimating of complex aerospace systems. This experience in secured, controlled on-line data management is applicable to many other industries outside of aerospace.

Our Expertise

Systems Engineering – develop advanced system architectures including integration between different geographic and organizational levels of a system for both Department of Defense Ground-based Midcourse Defense and NASA Space Launch System.

Advanced System Asset Management – provide assessment, analysis and sustainment services across the Missile Defense Agency’s entire Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system's multiple sites 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and 365 days/year.

Configuration Management and Data Management – provide institutional and specific program support to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. This includes document/drawing release, engineering board change management, hardware acceptance, and database management.

Cost Estimating and Analysis – management and integration of Marshall Space Flight Center and NASA-wide cost estimating tools, and parametric cost estimating relationships including databases and physical libraries.

Advanced Information Technology Support – provide advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) support for Department of Defense computer assets at multiple data centers.

Materials Analysis and Test – support NASA Marshall Space Flight Center materials laboratory for both design and safety aspects of critical flight hardware in development.

Specialty Skill Staffing – identify, recruit, train and sustain experts in military support systems for Army programs both inside and outside of the continental United States on a long-term basis.

Collaborative Visualization Development – use commercial off the shelf video game development platforms to quickly develop physics based manufacturing, integration, and component visualizations for training and troubleshooting purposes at a fraction of the cost of complex analytical tools.

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