Victory Solutions provides expertise in the full lifecycle of prototype development and integration.


Our design-to-build and testing capability, centered at our facility in Charleston, South Carolina, is best expressed by the technical challenges that our engineering team solves for a variety of customers.  VSI engineering projects include:

  • Advanced composite fuel tank design for NASA launch vehicles
  • Novel composite material sandwich structure development for lightweight space systems
  • Small rocket countermeasure for troop vehicle protection
  • In-house fabrication and testing of defense industry components, with further live-fire testing on USG test ranges
  • Radio frequency signature analysis of assets in Victory Solutions' radio frequency anechoic chamber

Structural Systems Design

VSI designs structural systems that range from space flight hardware to modular defense systems for troop vehicles.  Our experienced engineers utilize multiple CAD packages such as SolidWorks, Creo, and ExactFlat to develop dimensionally accurate 3D models with both functionality and manufacturability in mind.  VSI’s prototype integration facility has the equipment to realize designs as prototypes for fit checks, qualification testing, and customer delivery.

Our manufacturing expertise includes metalwork (cutting, shaping, and welding) and fabrication of components with high performance engineering materials like filled nylon and specialized non-aramid fibers.  We have proven knowledge of manufacturing techniques for prototype development and integration and associated design constraints.

Engineering Analysis

From static thermal analysis of engine case components to fluid dynamics and nozzle design, VSI engineers utilize a suite of software packages to paint a picture of component behavior in real-world scenarios.  Our experience in the aerospace and defense industries leads to exceptional analysis capability for subjects in austere environments, including surrounding high-explosive events and hypervelocity impacts. 

VSI engineers assess the problem at hand and develop a set of boundary and initial conditions required to reach a supported solution, with tools that range from steady-state linear computation to dynamic, meshless methods in multi-phase environments.  Our strengths in material analysis include:

  • Structural Loads and Dynamic Response
  • Transient Multi-Phase Thermal Analysis
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Composite Material Laminate Analysis and Micromechanics
  • Lethality/Survivability & Hypervelocity Impact
  • Trade Studies and Design Down-select

Test and Evaluation

VSI test and evaluation expertise combines in-house and laboratory capability with proven performance in prototype assessment and data collection on live-fire Government test ranges.  VSI in-house testing and inspection capability includes:

  • Tension/compression/bending testing with extensometer-recorded strain
  • Impact testing on advanced materials with accelerometers for shock response and energy dissipation
  • Ultrasonic non-destructive inspection for characterization of advanced composites

Composite Material Fabrication

VSI engineers are trained in fabrication of advanced composite laminates with out-of-autoclave prepregs. Our composite curing oven can maintain +/- 5°F for long cure cycles with a part under 29”-Hg vacuum, allowing us to work with all aerospace-grade out-of-autoclave resin systems.  We have cold storage for prepreg material systems, with tracking of outlife and storage/handling events.

Advanced material engineering and the ability to design, analyze, test, and build a product crosses every major industry.  We can support transportation, infrastructure, defense, aerospace, and commercial applications with our adaptive engineering team and prototyping facilities.

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