NASA MSFC Small Business Prime of the Year Awarded to Victory Solutions

Victory Solutions / September 29, 2017

Victory Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce our selection as the 2017 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for support provided under the Marshall Integrated Program Support Services (MIPSS) Configuration Management and Data Management task order.  Victory Solutions is honored to receive this award, considering MSFC has so many outstanding small businesses providing a variety of critical services and products in support of MSFC’s mission. Our recognition would not be possible without the superb and diligent work by our MIPSS employees and subcontractors.

We are additionally excited about the opportunity to represent MSFC as a candidate for the NASA agency-level Small Business Industry Awards. The Center’s award recipients in the categories of Large and Small Business Prime Contractors of the Year and Small Business Subcontractor of the Year become candidates for agency-level Small Business Industry Awards. Victory Solutions looks forward to representing MSFC at the NASA Agency-level Small Business Industry Awards.

An article about the award can be found in the Marshall Star.

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